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Candle Mat/Mug Rug- Brother My Design Center

$30.00 USD
Friday, March 1⋅10:00am – 1:00pm

Candle Mat/Mug Rug- An in the hoop project using My Design Center in the Brother Dream 8550, an upgraded 8500 machine ,or Brother Luminaire XP1:

This class creates an in-the-hoop candle mat following directions in Embroidery Garden: My Dream Design Center Projects. The 9 inch x 9 inch mat can serve as a mug rug.

Pre-requisite:  Advanced beginner. The student should have experience in using the Dream’s or Illuiminaire’s My Design Center to modify designs.


Supply List: 

Pre-purchase: Embroidery Garden: My Design Center Projects, by Brother.

A handout for Illuminaire owners will be provided in advance as a PDF addressing the differences in the two machines, mainly machine layout. However, due to copyright issues, Embroidery Garden needs to be purchased by all participants. This book will be used again for at least two projects in 2019.

Machine related:

  • Brother Dream Machine 8550, Dream Machine 8500 upgraded to 8550, or Brother Luminaire XP 1
  • A new needle in the same type and size that you usually use when embroidering.
  • Electronic embroidery foot attachment.
  • The 9.5” x 9.5” hoop minimum.
  • Embroidery arm

    Sewing related:

    • Fabrics and thread as noted on page 2 of the book, but:
    The “quilting cotton fabric” has no dimensions listed. You need something large enough to be placed firmly in the 9.5” x 9.5” hoop or a larger hoop if it is used. 
    • The other two pieces of fabric mentioned will be used on the back. Decide if you want the same fabric or a different one. Press the fabric as directed before coming to class. I suggest creating a crisp edge at the fold by using spray starch or Best Press.
    • Blue tape or other non-sticky tape to hold the backing fabric in place before it is stitched to the front. 
    • Thread for the embroidery sew-out. Two bobbins filled with bobbin thread.
    • Small sharp scissors to trim curves and inward facing corners before we turn the mat right side out.


    The recommended types of stabilizers and batting can be replaced with others in your stash. Just note the suggestion of weight and thickness so you get a nice stitch out. What you use should be as large as the fabric you are putting you your hoop. All three pieces will be hooped together.

    Instructor: Dale Ricklefs