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Embroidery with Barbara: February

$25.00 USD
Saturday, Feb 1, 2020⋅10:00am – 1:00pm

Join Barbara in making fun embroidery projects in the hoop with your embroidery machine! 

February's Project: How to combine segments of a large embroidery design.

Pre-requisite:  Must be comfortable operating your embroidery machine which includes how to thread your machine and wind bobbins.


Instructions for the designs that go on top of Hoffman’s
“The Flower” or Hoffman’s “Kaboom Panel”.

These panels are available from Austin Sewing.
Designs for these panels may be obtained from:

  • Pattern No. SDS1513 fits the Dream Panel Flower and comes in three sizes: 8x 12, 8 x 14, and 9.5 x 14.
  • Pattern No. SDS 1520 fits the Kabloom Panel and comes in four sizes. Only two sizes fit this panel. The 4 x 4 size fits the medium flower on the panel and the 5 x 7 fits the large flower on the panel.
  • Sizes 6 x 8 and 7 x 10 are for plain fabric and not the panels.


Please bring one piece of cotton at least 22 inches x 22 inches, cut-away
stabilizer, and one piece of batting 22 inches x 22 inches (if you desire). Batting
should be thin – the design is so intense that it doesn’t puff up that much.
This exercise is to instruct you in how to combine segments only.

You can purchase the design from 

Instructor: Barbara Devlin