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Quilt Your Quilt - Without Free Motion

$35.00 USD
Saturday, June 15 ⋅ 9:30am – 1:30pm

This quilting class covers how to prepare your quilt top, including layering and basting. (with hints for those large quilt tops!)We will talk about how to set up your quilting area. We will discuss grid quilting, quilt in the ditch (qid) or stitch in the ditch, and other quilting options to consider. Plus, you will learn how to quilt cables for your borders using a fool proof method that requires NO marking! Yes, you read that right! Pat, the instructor, has quilted a 90" square quilt using these methods on her regular/domestic home sewing machine. When to tackle quilting on your regular sewing machine, and when to consider taking your top to be professionally longarm quilting will be covered during class. 



Pre-requisite:  Must be comfortable operating your sewing machine which includes how to thread your machine and wind bobbins.



Supply List: 

Supply List and Tools required available upon payment of class fee.

Instructor: Pat Pinkston