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Embroidery with Barbara: May

$25.00 USD
Saturday, May 4⋅10:00am – 1:00pm

Join Barbara in making fun embroidery projects in the hoop with your embroidery machine! 

May's Project: RHONDA'S CROSS
Pre-requisite:  Must be comfortable operating your embroidery machine which includes how to thread your machine and wind bobbins.


Supply List: 

Hoop required: 8" x 8"

This cross is made using six 8 x 8 squares. Use cut-away stabilizer.
It requires 4 colors for the cross and one light color for the background.
Colors are in 2 inch strips and fabric is needed for the border and back:
  • Color 1 – 3 1/2 strips for cross and 2 strips for the border – this is darkest color
  • Color 2 – 2 strips for the cross – next darkest color
  • Color 3 – 2 strips for the cross – medium color
  • Color 4 – 1 strip for the cross – light medium color
  • Color 5 – 5 strips for the cross and 2 strips for the border (this is background color)
  • Backing for cross: Cross is approximately 25 x 19 as shown in the picture.
  • Don’t forget material for binding!
Colors are gradational from darkest (Color 1) and then Color 2 (next darkest lying next to Color
1, etc.). The first border is the Color 5 lightest that you selected. The next border is the
darkest – Color 1. Or create your own....

        Instructor: Barbara Devlin