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So You're Ready to Learn Free Motion?

$65.00 USD
Friday, April 5⋅9:30am – 1:00pm

The goal of the class help the student create freemotion stitches
comfortably and test designs that would work on different types of traditional quilt
blocks. The student will also learn the options for securing a quilt for free motion which is similar to quilting with a sewing foot engaged, and choices in marking a quilt with a quilting pattern. 

The instructor provides prepared "sandwiches"; for stitching to provide more quilting practice time and consistency in tools used. The final project in class is
selecting a sandwich with an outline of a typical pieced quilt block drawn sewn on it, with the assignment to place quilt designs on the block using the designs in the required book for inspiration.


Pre-requisite:  Intermediate to advanced quilting or sewing level. Must be very familiar with your machine. New to quilting? Beginning Quilting with Pat is a great class to start with to learn how to quilt with a regular sewing foot.


Supply List: 

Machine related:

  • Sewing machine that has been cleaned in the bobbin area and under the bobbin.
YouTube links demonstrating how to do this are in the PDF document you will get after registration. If you have a front loading machine, (vertical bobbin) oil if instructed in the manual.
  • Machine electrical cord & an extension cord
  • Foot control
  • Knee lift if desired
  • Spool cap if you have a horizontal spool pin on your machine.
  • Sewing machine manual 
  • Be sure you know how to lower your feed dogs before coming to class. (Your manual should tell you how to do that.)
  • Possible pre-purchase: A free motion foot-- this may not be provided with your machine. Check your manual. If you are unsure of what foot you need for your machine please call to the store to find out. Please order ASAP if needed. 
  • A brush to clean out lint in the bobbin case. This will be done after each bobbin change.
  • Screw driver or other device required to remove the plate over your bobbin case for horizontal loading machines.

    Sewing related:

    • 40-60 weight quilting thread in red or green-- not white, beige, or light colors and not black.
    Thread may be cotton or polyester. Please do not use rayon or monofilament. Please do not use mini or large cones unless you’ve used them successfully on the machine you are bringing in the past. It is best to use the type of spool and thread that you have been successful with in quilting in the past.
    • 3 full bobbins with the same thread as your top thread
    • 2  each of size 12 universal and top stitch needles- new
    • 2 each of size 14 universal and top stitch needles- new
    • Pair of sharp thread snips or scissors
    • 1 large darning needle for burying threads into batting


    Required freemotion quilting related tools in addition to a freemotion quilting foot:

    • Teflon slider. Follow the instructions to cut out a hole in the slider that will go over the opening where your feed dogs are located. Available at Austin Sewing Machines
    • Pre-purchase: Extension table that fits your machine. Wait time can be up to 4 weeks to receive, so please contact us ASAP if you need one!
    • Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book: 155 Mix & Match Designs • Bring 30 Fabulous Blocks to Life • Plus Plans for Sashing, Borders, Motifs & Allover Designs by Amanda Murphy Available from Austin
    • Sewing Machines.
    • Bring a printed copy of the PDF for this class. Will be provided after registration via email.

    Other supplies:

    • 1 thin black pen to write on fabric- a thin Sharpie is fine for a practice piece
    • Paper and writing pens or pencils for notes
    • Reading glasses if needed
    • "Machingers" or some other form of gloves that grip onto the fabric so your hand does not slide off of the sandwich. Available at Austin Sewing Machines.
    • If the arm above the needle does not have any lighting, consider bringing an additional lamp or light that shines on the needle area or it will be hard for you to see your work.

    Instructor: Dale Ricklefs