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Westalee Ruler Work Class

$50.00 USD
Friday, May 3⋅10:00am – 1:00pm

Are you ready to learn how to use those quilting rulers you've heard so much about?? 

Using the Westalee acrylic templates, the student will learn how to control ruler templates when the machine is set in free motion mode. Different patterns will be created using Westalee Template Set 1. Additional rulers will be available by the instructor to test feathers and fills. Layouts from the required book will also be created by the student, the student deciding which layouts to test. The students will also test fills for pieced blocks, combining ruler and free motion work.

Pre-requisite:  Intermediate to advanced quilting or sewing level. Must already be comfortable with Free Motion. There is an earlier class to learn Free Motion that you can take. Must be very familiar with your machine. 


Supply List: 

  • Please order your templates and book by April 19. It is assumed that the student already owns a table and slider as the course requires strong experience with free motion quilting on a domestic (sit down) machine. If the student has NOT been using a detachable table and slider, these need to be ordered by April 12 as well.

The class fee includes prepared quilt sandwiches for practice.

Based on previous experience when teaching this class over the past two years , for your safety, the creation of attractive patterns, and the ability to keep up with class instruction, the following requirements are in place.


  • Be prepared to start at 10:00 with your machine set up and ready to run. The classroom will be open and ready for set up at 9:00 am.
  • You should be doing free motion quilting on a regular basis with the machine you are bringing to class. This is not an introductory free motion class and given so many different machine models, there is not enough time to give new machine owners on-the-spot training in free motion set up.
  • Bring an attached table of some type to keep the rulers stable. A Sew Steady table is available for purchase or a table may be available from your machine’s manufacturer. A large table is not required unless you plan on using the table for larger quilts. It is assumed you already own this table if you have been doing free motion regularly and do not own a sewing cabinet. Orders for the Sew Steady table received after April 12 will not be delivered in time for the class. If you wish to order a table from your machine’s manufacturer, ask Austin Sewing Machines how long it would take to receive it or if they have one in stock. Another class will be taught in the fall.
  • Bring a Teflon type slider that goes over your sewing machine base and the table to allow your “sandwich” to move freely. It is assumed you already own this slider if you have been doing free motion regularly regardless of the type of table you have been using.
  • Westalee ruler foot designed for your machine and the introductory template set, Westalee Designs Template Set 1. The feet are not necessarily interchangeable among different models produced by the same manufacturer! This must also be ordered by April 19. To avoid disappointment, please order this from Austin Sewing Machines which guarantees that the right foot will be ordered.
  • Purchase of book: Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book: 59 Outline Designs to Fill with Free Motion Quilting, Tips for Longarm and Domestic Machines, by Amanda Murphy.

Tips for success:

  • Based on observation, the student will be most successful when doing free motion quilting for some time prior to coming to class. If free motion has not been done over the past three to six months, the student may be unable to keep up with the class. If the student uses free motion on a long arm, the free motion experience is different on a domestic machine!!!
  • The machine brought to class has been used regularly for free motion work prior to coming to class.
  • You are bringing threads and needles that work in free motion mode on the machine you are bringing to class. This is not the time to experiment with new threads and needles!
  • If you own a Pfaff icon (Creative or Performance), contact Austin Sewing Machines about the Special Point needle that works best for this brand. If you have been having difficulties in stitch quality when using your icon in free motion mode, the needle and the proper free motion setting will help.
Please contact Austin Sewing for more information on proper set up for the icon before class and test their recommendations.

        Instructor: Dale Ricklefs