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Kimberbell - Fill In The Blank 2021

What is the Kimberbell 'Fill in the Blank' (FITB) program and how does it work?
Each month you have the opportunity to purchase a 'Kimberblank' which includes a FREE coordinating design for both sewing and machine embroidery. The FITB program offers a different blank each month with an exclusive coordinating design.

What do I need to do?
Purchase the FITB each month to get the free coordinating design. Kimberblank stocks are limited and once sold out there are no further blanks available that month.

What is the minimum hoop size I would need?
FITB designs will always include a size for a 5" x 7" hoop. There may be additional sizes available for some designs. The embellishment kit will be created to for the 5" x 7” design.

Do I need to purchase the embellishment kit?
The embellishment kit includes the Kimberbell embellishments required to create the design. It is not necessary to purchase the embellishment kit but it is a lovely introduction to Kimberbell products. Alternatively, you can source your own embellishments if you wish.

Can I buy more than one Kimberblank?
Of course! Provided there is stock available, you can purchase more than one Kimberblank for that month. Once stock has sold out, there will be no further blanks available for that month.
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